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About the Artist 

PaulaClaudine is a tropical-themed artists. She specializes in painting the beautiful landscapes, seascapes, and places in the Caribbean where she grew up as a child. She expresses her youth and Caribbean experience with an artist's hand in vibrant hues that bring the color, cadence and culture of the Caribbean to life. Her attention to composition and detail, are strong influences in many of her paintings. 

PaulaClaudine studied Broadcast Communications, and Vocal Performance at San Francisco State University. PaulaClaudine has produced art & music shows in many venues throughout the Bay Area and Southern California. Her art has been exhibited at events, galleries, and festivals throughout Northern and Southern California as well as in the Eastern Caribbean.

PaulaClaudine had a studio built solely for the creation of her music and art, and all of her available wall space is devoted to her artwork “a feast of colors!” Brilliant tropical greens, cheerful yellows, parrot reds, and warm browns which bring her work to life.

PaulaClaudine's mother, Allicson has been her art teacher and creative mentor since she was a little girl, and they collaborated on a number of artistic projects, such as “Loving Life”, a mural, imbued vibrant hearts and citrine and ruby flowers leaping out of the emerald background, commissioned by the City of South San Francisco which can be found on South Spruce Avenue and Huntington in South San Francisco. During the process, residents and passersby thanked them for uplifting and beautifying their neighborhood, and they also received a congratulatory letter from Representative Jackie Speier, thanking them for making a great contribution to the community, stating that “it is a more beautiful and better place to live”.

She is dedicated to enhancing communities with her art and designs by creating something that would beautify and enhance neighborhoods.  PaulaClaudine's goal is to show to the world the cultural diversity and many places of the Caribbean as she sees them.  She creates beautiful music and artwork to share in hopes of bringing good energy, love, and happiness to all.


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